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International Seminar

The Association of Meat Inspectors Trust

53rd Annual Seminar

14th to 16th September 2018

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52nd Annual Seminar

The 52nd Seminar took place at Harper Adams University over the weekend of the 15th to 17th September 2017.

On behalf of the Trustees and Seminar organising team, we would like to thank all our speakers for such varied and interesting presentations, and everyone who attended as delegates from across the globe.

Thanks also to Lisa Plant and all the team at Harper Adams University for looking after us, with a special mention for the catering department and the staff at The Welly Inn.

51st Annual Seminar

The 51st Seminar was held at Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire. The Trustees would like to thank everyone who was able to attend for making the event a great success.

Our thanks also to Jason Feeney CBE, Chief Operating Officer of the Food Standards Agency, Edwin Drysdale RMHI, Richard Griffiths, Steve Wotton MBE MRCVS, Dr. Rebeca Garcia MRCVS, Dr. Mike Jessop BvetMed MRCVS, Ramon Romero MRCVS and Emma Bailey-Beech, Gavin Morris BvetMed MRCVS, Michelle Barrett RMHI and Mike Barrett RMHI, and Ron Spellman EWFC Deputy Secretary General for their excellent presentations and the challenging poultry pathology quiz.

Thanks also to the staff at Harper Adams University that ensure everyone is looked after and catered for us throughout the weekend.

Apologies for any missing names. If you would like them added, please contact Jeremy Thomas IT Manager.

An archive of previous seminars can be found here

53rd Annual Seminar

Please find below some provisional details for this year’s seminar at Harper Adams University, Newport Shropshire.

Please note that speakers / details might change before the event.

Friday Evening

‘How MHI’s could shape the future of Meat Inspection’

This will be an open forum discussion with Colin Sullivan and Martin Evans Food Standards Agency

Please note the evening session will start at 18:30

Saturday Morning

Intensive rearing and associated disease conditions in Pigs


EU Member States food identities / Protected Geographical Status

CCIR update and progress on MHI Knowledge Refresh

Saturday Afternoon

Update on the work of the National Food Crime Unit

MHI Health and Wellbeing

Dairy Inspection / Raw Cows Drinking Milk

An online registration form can be found here

For details of how to get to Harper Adams University, please click here