The Association of Meat Inspectors

The Association was formed in 1980 by the amalgamation of the former Meat Inspectors Association (1947)(Scotland): the Association of Meat Inspectors(1964) and the Federation of Poultry Inspectors (1978) to bring together the “Authorised Officers” engaged in meat and poultry inspection. 
The Association is multi-disciplined in that it has within the membership apart from actual meat inspectors, veterinarians, environmental health officers, college lecturers and suitably qualified trade employees.


Promote, encourage and improve standards of inspection, hygiene and animal welfare.

Publicise the importance of inspection.

Promote technical and scientific research.

Facilitate the exchange of such information

Promote and improve the status of the inspector


There are sub committees within Council which deal with such various matters as:

Education & Training.
Liaising with the Colleges and the Royal Society for Public Health up dating examination syllabus etc.
Legal & Parliamentary liaising with DEFRA on enforcement.
Liaison groups with the B.V.A, IEHO, M.L.C, H.S.A, F.S.A, and meat trade organizations.
Unison, sharing areas of common interest.
The Association is a member of the E.W.F.C


Members are allocated to one of seven geographically organized Divisions, which are autonomous, electing their officers and representatives to the National Council which deals with the principal business of the Association.


The Association has produced a highly successful video about meat inspection.