European Working Community For Food Inspection And Consumer Protection

The A.M.I are members of the European Working Community for Food Inspection and Consumer Protection (EWFC) which has members from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Luxembourg as well as the U.K.

This Association started in 1991 and promotes contact between the member states, those attending the annual seminar will know that our co-members attended and informed us about their work and the various food inspection systems employed on the continent.

The European Association President is currently Sean Butler from Ireland. He took office in October 2019 for two years. Mr. Günter Frühwirth from Austria, officiated the transfer at the EWFC General Assembly in October in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The group has received funding from the EU for carrying out research projects. The United Kingdom is represented by our General Secretary Jeremy Thomas, Angus Lowden MBE and Ron Spellman. Ron is the current Deputy Secretary General. Ian Robinson will remain as an adviser to both the UK group, and the EWFC. We need as an Association to further strengthen the bonds with the European Group, as this will add influence to our Association and so make us stronger.

You can visit the EWFC website here.