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Correct Use of Captive-Bolt Stunners for

Humane Slaughter & Euthanasia


A webinar CPD presentation by


Technical Director

The Humane Slaughter Association

Mr Mason will give a presentation on Tuesday 26th September that will provide essential information on the correct use, safety and maintenance of captive-bolt stunning devices for those who may have to use this equipment for the humane slaughter or euthanasia of animals.  

Millions of animals are reared for food and the slaughter of these animals must be carried out in a way that causes no unnecessary pain or suffering. Correct use and maintenance of captive-bolt equipment is essential to ensure effective, humane and safe stunning.  By the end of Mr Mason’s lecture, which will include some graphic DVD footage, attendees should have achieved a good understanding of the following:

physical principles behind captive-bolt stunning of livestock

correct stunning positions for the different species

critical importance of using the correct type of ammunition

critical importance of rapid bleeding or pithing of the stunned animal

critical importance of regular cleaning and routine maintenance

the importance, and health and safety implications, of secure transport and storage

In addition, there will be a short exercise of ten questions with multiple-choice answers for viewers to test their level of understanding.

The webinar starts at 8:00 pm on Tue 26th September 2017 and will cost £40. You can book your place here: